Smartidea Speaks on – Why SEO Courses aren’t Taught in Schools and Colleges?

Smartidea found that schools and colleges do not have various options for teaching Search Engine Optimization or SEO courses. However, many colleges just make them study the basic theoretical concepts of SEO, minus the practical knowledge. Here are the reasons why.

  1. SEO industry is ever changing.

SEO is dynamic in nature because Google is always improvising. Google can launch a major change to their algorithm and change everything for search marketers. Smartidea would like to remind you about a time when SEO was all about ranking for the right keywords, even when they weren’t relevant. It is not the smartest move to make today as we are moving in the mobile revolution and voice searches and Google is centralized on user experience and offer a more authentic interaction. It would be difficult for colleges to create a course if the rules and guidelines are constantly updating.

  1. It’s a broad industry

Yes, it surely is. It is a technical business that relies on analytics and data but it can also be pretty creative. It delves into things like creating content, blog posts, social media, PR, and outreach. It becomes fun at Smartwork when all of these traits are combined together.

  1. There isn’t a one defined method to implement SEO.

There is no way to judge which tool to showcase over another. It all relies on the site and its problems. All is done on the basis of trial and error. The same strategies and suggestions cannot be re-implemented and it relies deeply on what is being optimized. SEO can turn out to be pretty theoretical so it is tough to determine one set method to teach a course. This is why SEO cannot be taught in schools and colleges.